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Rustling foliage and elegant canes sum up the appeal of bamboo. Available in sizes up to 12' or 15' we always have the black stemmed bamboo - Phyllostachys nigra as tall specimens and many other varietes.

First and foremost they prefer a rich moisture retentive soil to keep the foliage looking good in summer and to enable a good strong crown below ground.

Bamboos are grasses and each year a fresh new set of canes grow up from the crown below soil level.

Best sellers are Black and Golden stem bamboo for height - up to 3-4m, and Arrow bamboo - Pseudosasa japonica for clump-forming dense screening.

Download our Basic Garden Centre Guide for Bamboos

There are also dwarf and lower growing types that usually spread over time and are suited to shady areas, under trees for instance, where they can make an effective ground cover where other plants may not survive.

These include Sasa, with its broad leaves, Arundinaria auricoma, which has brilliant yellow, stripy leaves and Shibatae kumusaka the ideal deep shade ground cover that also happens to thrive in the sum!