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Evergreen trees

Japanese Privet - Ligustrum lucidum

In the situation where all year round screening above fence height is necessary, there are a few options for broad-leaved evergreen trees.

All these can be trimmed or shaped if necessary to achieve the shape you need.

Japanese privet - A round headed evergreen with white plumes of flowers in the late summer. Can be planted close to form an elevated hedge for all year round screening - with the advantage of leaving the base of the stems free for colourful shrub planting. 8-10' specimens around £125

Holm Oak or Evergreen oak - A robust evergreen with a dense head of small holly-like leaves. A large, long-lived, full-headed tree if left to grow out. Around £153-£150 for10'tall standards

Evergreen Magnolia - Large glossy leaves with a brown felty underside and producing spectacular large white cup shaped flowers intermittently through the summer and autumn. Slowish, but well worth waiting for! About £175 also available in bush form in a range of sizes

Photinia Red Robin - Again with a 6' stem and a colourful head of evergreen leaves with bright red new growths and clusters of white flowers in early summer. About £150 for full standards 9-10' tall

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