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Hedge planting tips

Planting your hedge

Never plant deeper than the point at which the roots start. We recommend trimming off a third of the plant on planting. The advantage is that leaf area in the spring is reduced, helping moisture retention when the plant is trying to grow new roots, also wind resistance is reduced and a more bushy shape to the hedge is encouraged at an early age.


There are no firm rules about spacing. The wider the plants, the cheaper, but a longer wait for the desired effect. Quickthorn and other native hedges are usually spaced 4 to 5 per yard or metre, very often on a double staggered row to give depth to the hedge. This is common practice with most garden hedges. Yew is usually spaced between 1' and 2', but the for Leylands Cypress, 2' to 3' is normal.Conifers like these fill out at the base quicker than deciduous plants and are usually planted in a straight line.


Aftercare is essential to the success of your hedge. Firstly, keep the whole line of the hedge weed and grass free for at least the first two years. Mulching with well composted organic material or straw holds moisture in and suppresses weeds. If this is not possible, hoe or use a contact weedkiller spray taking care not to spray leaves or stems, twice or three times during the summer. In drought conditions and especially after late season planting, regular watering, preferably in the evening must be attended to. Trim every year, even when young to encourage a well branched base to the hedge.