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Planting & staking trees

The importance of good planting can't be overstated. It is basically common sense and following good horticultural practices and principles.

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Tree roots need water and oxygen so porosity and drainage are basic needs. Digging over the base ofthe planting hole and adding some sharp sand or gravel is adviseable in a heavy soil, whereas in a light sandy or chalk-based soil, organic matter such as planting compost or well-rotted manure should be added to the back-fill to retain moisture in the root zone.

Secure staking and tying of newly planted trees is vitally important so there is no root rock even in the severest winter gale, and the use of rubber based tree ties and pads is recommended but always tied tight and nailed to the top of the stake to avoid any chance of bark and stake rubbing together.

One other important principle, always keep grass and weeds well away from the base of newly planted trees and shrubs. At least 1.2m or 4' diameter for at least two growing seasons. This is vital forrapid establishment and good vigorous top growth - even when planting large trees. Grass close bywill rob your tree of moisture and nutrients in the summer and result in stunted growth.

A Guide toPlanting & staking trees.

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