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Tree ferns

Tree ferns add an exotic touch to a sheltered corner. Available in trunk sizes from 1' up to 6' they unfurl their enormous fronds in the spring making a canopy 8' to 10' across after a couple of months.

Best positioned away from strong winds and in part or full shade their lacy fronds make a dramatic point.

We suggest watering regularly into the crown of the tree fern as it establishes and feeding with a specialist feed occasionally. In a mild winter the fronds survive quite well, but in more severe conditions it is advisable to tie the fronds up and put some hay or similar in the centre to protect next year's shoots.

Cutting the old fronds off completely in Late March will stimulate a fresh crop of leaves for the summer.

Prices are usually around £30-33 per foot. So 3' tree ferns are around £100 and 5' around £170. Please check with the garden centre for current availability. Tel 01227 722250