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The evergreen tree display at Preston Garden Centre

Trees are our speciality and we have been propagating and growing trees here since 1978.

You won't find our trees lolling at the back of the plant centre but have pride of place in the centre of the garden centre on a robust support system with individual drippers and well labelled for easy browsing. We classify trees as Flowering, Foliage, Evergreens, Fruit etc. to make the choice look less intimidating.

We understand that trees are usually not a regular garden purchase and customers need well-informed advice on selecting varieties and species. More detail can be found in tree stock but most importantly personal advice from us or our staff is always available.

We always have a big selection of specimens, grown in containers for immediate planting on display at the garden centre from 5-6' tall up to 20' tall and all sizes in between. In our production garden centre nearby we always hold a stock of around 2000 trees in about 150 varieties. Nearly all the stock is grown by us.

Variegated tulip tree

The most popular garden trees include flowering cherries, flowering crab apples, rowan varieties, laburnums, birch varieties and the yellow-leaved Robinia 'Frisia'. As a rough guide, 6-7' tall trees cost around £28 - £32. Larger trees in 35 to 50 litre pots 8-10' to 10-12' tall vary between £65 - £100, and 15-20' tall trees from £120 to £250 depending on variety, rarity and stem girth.

Trees such as oaks, ash varieties, limes, hornbeam and the beech family tend to be long lived and ultimately much larger trees. Again there is a great selection to choose from.

Planting, good staking and aftercare are very important. Trees need a roomy planting pit, well forked over for good drainage and aeration. Incorporate planting compost with the backfill soil so the new root growth will have access to oxygen and base fertilisers combined with wetting agents to aid moisture retention in the summer.

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